Clawfoot Tub Materials and Styles

One of the biggest comebacks any piece of furniture have ever been a part of is the clawfoot tub. This variety of bathtub was extremely popular in the late 19th century and was a very high-class variety of bathtub at that time. These tubs used to be constructed of primarily cast iron with a porcelean lining; now, thanks to a much bigger selection of materials to make these tubs from, such as acrylic, copper and others, you can find a stylish and cheap clawfoot tub for your home.
Out of all varieties of tubs available, these tubs are some of the most useful and nice to have around the house, not only for their elegant style but also for their functionality. Most modern tubs are quite small in comparison to clawfoot tubs and you can’t truly bathe in them while a clawfoot tub can allow even the tallest people to have a relaxing bath.
Clawfoot Tub

If you are interested in purchasing a clawfoot tub there are several things to keep in mind. The most important factor when deciding upon a clawfoot bathtub is the variety that best fits your tastes and your house. Some of the most common types are classic, slipper and double ended. Classic tubs are very antique looking and are often very deep. Slipper tubs are also very attractive, but their true benefit lies in the heavily reclining back of the tub. This is great for very comfortable bathing and is my favorite variety. Double ended clawfoot tubs are rounded on both ends and double ended slipper are reclined on both ends. If you find one of these that fits your tastes I highly suggest you purchase it.

The three primary materials a clawfoot tub are made of are cast-iron, copper and acrylic. As previously mentioned, cast iron tubs are the traditional material that clawfoot tubs are constructed from and have a very classy and vintage look to them after porcelain polishing; the primary downside to these types of tubs is their very high weight which can make them difficult to transport and even more difficult to move to above-ground areas.

The newest type of material a clawfoot tub has been created out of is acryllic. This kind of material is much more lightweight than traditional cast iron tubs and is also much cheaper. The biggest negative aspect of this tub is that often people are looking for a more vintage look when purchasing a clawfoot tub, however, many models from this material can create a vintage look.

Copper is a very unique type of clawfoot tub and can fit will in many different bathrooms. This type of clawfoot tub is certainly the most rare type but is also one of my favorites in terms of style. These tubs are in between the weights of the other two tubs and can be a great addition to any bathroom.

I would highly suggest you do some searching for a great clawfoot tub so you know exactly what you’re getting. These tubs are a great investment and I’m sure you will love yours.


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